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    • Update time:2015-07-09 15:30:06
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    Date: May 27, 2008

    On May 12, an 8-magnitude devastating quake struck Sichuan province. That day leaves millions of our countryman dead or homeless and children orphanized. It’s a mere fortune no Longhua staff was hurt in the catastrophe. We were pleased to announce the production back to normal on May 16 without any further loss.

    But we can not ignore, a barrier lake was formed in Tangjiashan, which is the biggest in the region. The lake continues to pose enormous risk to downstream area. The volume had risen to about 20.37 million cubic meters, dam height up to 82.65-124M, 611.8M along the axis and 803M along the river direction. 20M-more backwater will completely block the rivers and pressure is keeping build-up to 100 million cubic meters, risking millions lifes there.

    For the safety and property of the people, local government proposes to drain the lake in following couple of days. Everybody knows the sluice will lead to huge impacts to Mianyang, but again it put less pressure to Longhua.

    The reason is that, Longhua locates in Yongxing county, on the most west part of Mianyang. When the flood run down from the north, it will largely hit the East points along the banks of Fujang River for about 10KM. We also see, geographically the East Parts are lower than the West. The altitude is 448-465M in the East Parts and downtown area. Longhua is 475M high while Yongxing county between 470M to 490M ( mountanious region not considered), just avoiding the flood.

    Experts say, if one third bursts, the highest water-level shall go to 469.99M by altitude at Mianyang. If half damage, then rise to 469.99M. Even if totally damaged, the peak point is 472.44M altitude. Still Longhua factory is 10KM-more distance away from the backwater area. Thus we conclude, the sluice will not threaten our factory as the water level will never up to our location.

    We would much appreciate all your concerns and cares regarding.

    Thanks and Best Regards!