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    • Update time:2015-07-09 15:31:33
    • From:

    Dear all,

    Hereby we sincerely thank you for your kindness extended to Longhua? brand as well as your continuously support and promotion on it. Mianyang longhua film,the first China domestic brand of Polycarbonate(PC)film, of over 100 million yuan investment fixed assets, has become a PC manufacturing base with annual capacity of 10,000 Mts. Through the past more than decade, we insist on providing the concept of value and increasing varieties, improving quality as well perfect service to keep pace with international brand. On the basis of quality management system(ISO9001), Environmental management system(ISO14001), Occupational Health Safety Management System(OHSMS 18001),we have embarked on stringent management of Automotive industry certification(TS16949), Longhua Film, the Matte, the Polished, the Flame-retardant PC which have brought valuable contributions within PC film manufacturing field gain widely recognition. Unfortunately, rampant counterfeit and poor quality products have causing lots of damage both on us and our distributors. Therefore, for the sake of maintaining market order and strengthening our controls on products saling, we have made a decision which determines to reform our Hongkong parent company as general sales headquarter taking shares of TEH YNH SHING CO.,LTD and authorize SHANGHAI MEIZEYUAN CO.,LTD as our general agent in east China, so as to guarantee interest of customers and distributors and to provide a better service. We hereby officially invalidate the agency qualification of SHENZHEN QISHENGHENG INDUSTRIAL Development CO.,LTD, GUAN JER INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD(DINGXIANG) and proclaim that all of their saling activities since after have no connection with us. In future, we will continue to actively uphold the research and development, stringent production technology and professional service concept, and constantly provide more and more reliable better services. Once again, we thank all distributors for the support and warm welcome new and old customers for the favor.