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    2016 The 6th China International Automotive Interiors and Exteriors Exhibition

    • Update time:2016-09-23 17:42:46
    • From:

    Dear valued customers:

    We hereby sincerely invite you to visit us at booth 2C096 during your stay at The 6th China International Automotive Interiors and Exteriors Exhibition, which will be held from September 25-27, 2016 at National Exhibition and ConventionCenter, HongQiao, Shanghai, P.R.China.

    For further details please click www.ciaie.com.

    We will present you with our functional films and solutions for automobile interiors, like:

    l Wood grain ABS composites for auto interiors;

    l Non electro-platingfilm material with high fidelity metal texture and excellentscratches and chemical resistance, as well as ABS laminates;

    l Functional films for auto center control panels application;

    l Light-guided PC for auto interiors;

    Make your plan to show up at the great event and visit us to learn more about our cut-in-edge technologies and solutions. We are looking forward to a broader and comprehensive cooperation with you. We wait for your presence. Thanks!

    Best Regards!

    General Manager

    Sichuan Longhua Film Co., Ltd.